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At Turner we are excited to offer you, our valued readers, exclusive access to special bonus content for our latest books. This site tells you which books we have special content for and how to get it.

What kind of bonus content?

Unpublished e-book prequels, author commentary, author videos, printable posters, cell phone screensavers, and much, much more!

How do I get it?

  1. Buy a copy (or copies) of any of the books that have special bonus content offers before the end of the promotion date from the bookstore or online book retailer of your choice.
  2. Click on the book offer page for that book
  3. Upload your receipt, photo, or screenshot as proof of purchase
  4. Check your inbox for an email with the link to download the bonus content
  5. Tell your friends about the cool stuff!

Current Bonus Book Content Offers


Buy on Amazon button (image)“What was this place? Was I crazy? Or was I crazy before, back in L.A.? Was my real life some sort of dream? Was this hell reality?”

Austin Lively is a struggling, disillusioned screenwriter from LA whose dreams of success seem to slip further out of reach every day. Suddenly, Austin’s life changes forever when he walks through a studio door and is unwittingly transported to a fantastical medieval realm…

Austin finds himself standing over the body of a very beautiful and very dead woman. A bloody dagger sits in his palm; he has no idea how the dagger got there. Bewildered and confused, he is seized by castle guards and thrown in the dungeon of a castle he has no recollection of. Austin begins to fear for his life, but just when things look their bleakest he passes through another doorway and is suddenly transported back to reality in LA.

Did that really just happen? Has he gone insane? Was it all a dream? Did he have a brain tumor? Austin needs answers, and quick, so he sets out to find them and discovers that the mystery can only be unlocked by a strange piece of fiction that holds the truth about the magical kingdom. But he isn’t the only person in pursuit of the mysterious manuscript and his rivals will stop at nothing to get it first. To complicate matters more, Austin soon discovers that he has no control over when he passes between worlds. Escaping danger in a fantasy world and now in the real world, Austin finds himself out of trust for even the simple things, like walking through doorways.

Stuck between dual realities—charged for a murder he doesn’t recall in one and running from a maniacal billionaire who’s determined to kill him in another—Austin’s monotonous life has become an epic adventure of magic, murder, and political intrigue in both the New Republic of Galiana and the streets of Los Angeles, California.

Whether you’re a fan of the fantasy genre, a fan of Andrew Klavan’s novels, or you listened to Another Kingdom in the podcast series with more than 2,500 5-star reviews, this bundle of beautifully illustrated pieces will bring to life Another Kingdom’s characters and the New Republic of Galiana. Upload your proof of purchase and we will send you:

  • Downloadable eBook prequel to Another Kingdom
  • The Complete Author’s Guide to Another Kingdom
  • Author’s video The Making of the World of Galiana
  • Another Kingdom fantasy gaming module
  • eFile map of the New Republic of Galiana
  • Printable, limited-edition, illustrated poster of Another Kingdom’s characters
  • Phone screensavers of Another Kingdom characters
  • Immediate direct shipment of Another Kingdom (hardcover) upon publication on March 5, 2019
  • Free shipping within continental US


Buy on Amazon button (image)Buddy Hayes is an ugly, defiant little man, a would-be Don Juan trapped in Quasimodo’s body. He lives with his mother and ailing grandfather in a decaying, post-industrial city. The mother is Emily Post with a color changing and a mood-indicating scar. The grandfather is a one-eyed double amputee, who spends his days happily dangling in a hydraulic patient lift. Their life is a working-class hallucination of blueblood extravagance. They luxuriate over gourmet meals and perform dramatic readings. At night, Buddy slips away for covert liaisons with women he meets on the internet. Buddy is at war with his neighbor over a stolen book. There are frequent outrageous acts of casual sex. There’s a love interest, a librarian, who tempts Buddy with desires for the “normal” kind of love he knows he cannot have. So it goes, until a new nurse arrives to care for Buddy’s grandfather. Enter Terrance: a tall, impossibly handsome black man, a lapsed Broadway performer, virtuoso singer, and banjo player. Buddy and Terrance strike up an unlikely friendship that drives Yetto’s surreal, tawdry, and poignant debut novel.  Upload your proof of purchase and we will send you:

  • Hardcover copy of Sommelier of Deformity
  • 6 original Owen Sherwood illustrations/sketches of scenes and characters in a high-resolution, printable format
  • 3 original Owen Sherwood illustrated screensavers
  • The Walking Tour video with author Nick Yetto
  • The Record—a lost chapter from Sommelier of Deformity
  • A 62% savings on exclusive content only available for a limited time
  • Free shipping in the continental U.S. (offer not available elsewhere)
Apocalypse Child by Flor Edwards (image)


Buy on Amazon button (image)For the first thirteen years of her life, Flor Edwards grew up in the Children of God. The group’s nomadic existence was based on the belief that, as God’s chosen people, they would be saved in the impending apocalypse that would envelop the rest of the world in 1993. Flor would be 12 years old. The group’s charismatic leader, Father David, kept the family on the move, from Los Angeles to Bangkok to Chicago, where they would eventually disband, leaving Flor to make sense of the foreign world of mainstream society around her. Apocalypse Child is a cathartic journey through Flor’s memories of growing up within a group with unconventional views on education, religion, and sex. Whimsically referring to herself as a real life Kimmy Schmidt, Edwards’s clear-eyed memoir is a story of survival in a childhood lived on the fringes.

In this exclusive offer, you receive two additional chapters—not available anywhere else—along with a hardcover book shipped free to your address in the continental U.S. This downloadable bonus content includes chapters titled Father David’s Throne and Puberty, as well as family photos spanning Flor Edwards’ childhood years.

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